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Herbal Strategi Ant Repellent_100 ml
Herbal Strategi Ant Repellent_100 mlHerbal Strategi Ant Repellent_100 mlHerbal Strategi Ant Repellent_100 ml
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Herbal Strategi Ant Repellent

100 ml
100 ml
500 ml
Product Description
Direction for use: 1) Apply spray liberally at places where ants roam and also at the source from where they come out or spray directly at ant's nests. 2) It is ideal to spray at night before you go to sleep. 3) Spray continuously for 5 days till they completely disappear. Precautions: Do not spray on the body, clothes, floor and main wall area. Store in a cool place/ avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Switch off fan when spraying. Avoid contact with eyes, cuts and wounds. Keep away from children and direct flame. For external use only.

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