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Zingiber Body Oil - 100g
Zingiber Body Oil - 100gZingiber Body Oil - 100g
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Zingiber Body Oil - 100g

Product Description

For DAILY FOOT MASSAGE BEFORE SLEEP, as part of daily routine inspired by Ayurveda Dinacharya practice of Padabhyanga to aid relaxed sleep and also to smoothen rough cracked heels. Apply anytime (or post bath) to RE-ENERGISE, and reduce tiredness and lethargy massage on pressure points (wrists, temples), neck and shoulder during fatigue, hectic travel, less sleep. Massage on stomach for abdominal pains due to menstrual cramps and gastric discomfort in babies. Massaging arms and legs before or after a run, strenuous yoga, dance, or gym work-out for improving joint flexibility and muscle suppleness. Also for massage on stiff muscles and joints with mild chronic aches. Aids in tackling issues like acne (apply a few drops on inflamed acne, after testing on a small patch) and bruised skin (apply gently avoiding cuts, if any). Suited for all ages, skin and body types (Tridoshic), with Ginger (anti-inflammatory, circulation-boosting and re-energising), Turmeric (anti-oxidant rich and anti-bacterial) and cold-pressed Sesame Oil (deep-penetrating and mineral rich). PARAMA NATURALS ZINGIBER BODY OIL is our ode to the power of Turmeric (hldii, hridr or Curcuma longa), India's ancient secret ingredient for skincare. Use and get a protective shield (hldii kaa surkssaa kvc) from the ravages of the environment, time or a hectic lifestyle. This handcrafted blend of Turmeric, Coconut, Ginger and Sesame Oil helps relieve stress, reduces stiffness in joints and muscles, boosts circulation, re-energising, with anti-inflammatory ginger. Best suited pre and post strenuous work-outs, hectic travel, sleep deprivation or for chronic pains and reducing stiffness in joints and muscles. Suited for all ages, skin and body types (Tridoshic). How to use for Foot massage or Padabhyanga (at night before sleep) Step 1: Wash feet. Pat dry. Step 2: Take 3-4 drops of PARAMA NATURALS ZINGIBER BODY OIL and lightly massage on your feet, on the soles, heels, toes, and also up to the calves in a circular motion, pressing gently Step 3: Wear loose socks. How to use for massage for stress or stiffness relief Step 1: Apply on shoulder, neck, wrists, and temples or on arms, legs, stomach, back in with gentle pressure. Step 2: Leave on


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