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Turmeric Essential Oil  - 15g
Turmeric Essential Oil  - 15gTurmeric Essential Oil  - 15g
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Turmeric Essential Oil - 15g

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APPLICATIONS Apply topically (in a carrier oil, aloe gel, in your favourite face pack, or even directly if required) for a naturally glowing complexion without the strong yellow pigmentation of turmeric powder. Use in aromatherapy or steam inhalation for mood uplifting, skin clarifying, immunity boosting. Use oil-pulling or gargling for oral health. Take orally to support your health or boost immunity. RECOMMENDED USAGE & DOSAGE External (topical) application - for tackling blemishes, acne, itchy skin, cuts - 40 drops (2ml) in 100ml of carrier oil, aloe gel or moisturiser - 2 drops in a 30ml face pack - 1 drop directly, if required Aromatherapy - uplifting, calming, anti-anxiety - 5 drops in warm bath water - 2 drops in a steamer In a diffuser (as per diffuser instructions) - Internal or oral use - for skin health, anti-oxidant immunity boosting, oral health and general health support - 2 drops in a cup of liquid (250ml) for mouth pulling or gargling


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